Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rat Respiratory Problems Which Rat Needs To Go To The Vet More? (both Have Respiratory Problems)?

Which rat needs to go to the vet more? (both have respiratory problems)? - rat respiratory problems

I have two rats and Yogi Bear.
I've got to the vet, but I only have enough money for one lap. I was told that the cost (veterinarian) for the control of $ 33.00 and $ 12.00-$ 30.00 for drugs. Yogi much sneezing, wheezing has, and still missed. Sneeze lot Bear, panting, and fluid (mucus) and the red cloth around his nose.
Who Rattie must first go to the vet? If you pay in a rattie with respiratory diseases, such as for drugs? Is there a home remedy I can try?

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paintedr... said...

I wonder whether you have a set that does bring in My vet visit fee to the Office, no matter how many animals trained at a time.

If both have respiratory infections, have also to see a veterinarian. It may show symptoms, but that does not mean that the other is not so bad. Respiratory and breathing fast sometimes.

I think it costs about $ 10 for medicines, the last time I had a rat disease, upper respiratory tract and the medication was for my two rats at the time, but only one was sick the other was placed in preventive medicine.

What beds, I'm now running in yesterday's news (one) for cats, soft, and odorless. A little or no dust.

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