Sunday, January 17, 2010

Large Coffee Table How Far Should An Ottoman Be Away From A Chair? How Far Should A Coffee Table Be Away From A Table?

How far should an ottoman be away from a chair? How far should a coffee table be away from a table? - large coffee table

My stool is pretty big, about 21 "by 26" and falls with the chair and sofa. I have my coffee table in front of the sofa (not sure about the size of the coffee table, but it is big enough).

How far has the chair and the sofa?


seamstre... said...

A coffee table should be between 14 "to 18" from the sofa, depending on the amount of furniture and room size.

Should an ottoman in front of the chair with a room large enough so that you can easily walk and sit on the chair. A stool is stool is usually 10 to 12 "before you. This amount of space that you place your feet on the ottoman, do not allow changing the position of the Ottoman Empire.

donna D said...

The general rule is to leave the furniture at least 18 cm from the furniture for a convenient way and place in the room.

I have a big table and ottoman me. I left the furniture conversation several areas of interest to make. Efficient use of the footrest is another part of the way that is easy, if necessary, are available.

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