Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black Tie Dinner Suit Black Tie Dinner?

Black tie dinner? - black tie dinner suit

Question would not be appropriate to use a cumerbund with a tuxedo. I would like to know whether you can use clamps to hold the pants up instead of a belt under a cumerbund.


Michael © CE Freedom Party. said...

Keys essential to the ring is a matter of taste, anyway. White handkerchief in his breast pocket. The most important thing is the shoe. Black patent leather and patent leather shoes. Hand tied flies are best.
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drgnotar... said...

Not bad, but just the right color could be pretty good.

fcas80 said...

Either is fine.

A life more often than today cumberbund.

groovyma... said...

It is the only time to make a run, you do not wear their seat belts and straps, and that's what they dress, if you want to hold your pants, you will probably find the key buttonson into the belt if you have a better quality adjusted dinner.

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