Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alcohol On Princess Cruise Anyone Who Has Traveled On The PRINCESS Cruise Line!!?

Anyone who has traveled on the PRINCESS cruise line!!? - alcohol on princess cruise

I am 18 years and my BF's 24th The contract stipulates that I leave for the trip, because I'm 18, but I will not be able to buy or consume alcohol to ... they used for? Or you just want to write into the contract for the hell?

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Jersey Girl 25 said...

It is minimally used. I went to the princess, 20, and by 21 was my friend. It provided for 2 drinks at a time to charge your card in the room. At the end of the holiday only give money. I drank so much that week I was there, and it seems that they are cared for any point, even at his age.

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