Friday, January 22, 2010

Non Cable Phone Line How Do I Stop Telemarketers From Calling My Home Land Line Phone, Not My Cell Phone?

How do I stop telemarketers from calling my home land line phone, not my cell phone? - non cable phone line

I have recently moved, and even though my phone number is registered, and not published, I received tons of telemarketing calls. Perhaps the person who preceded him is, that number was unlisted. In any case, it is out of control. I'm Getting calls from services to DISH Network, cable, and tons of other things. What can I do? They are usually calls for the state. Thanks


SuzanneZ said...

To get your landline in the national registry for telemarketing calls stop, please visit https: / / / default.aspx

It worked for us!

ellie_21... said...

Sign up for the no call list ... I was a Telemarketer (I quit cuz i was arguing with people who had hated the job) and I remember we just said, if the person says he does not demand that we should put a sign next to the number, not again conversation (and the company had a contract that has a history of them), if you never say "it's the wrong time to say" only: "I do not do telemarketing surveys..

ed said...

Go to and register with the Not-Call Registry. It takes about 6 weeks for the government of the Direct Marketing Association, but it works. Hope this helps.

Iconocla... said...

If you live in California, there are no call list, I think it is a national list. For those that only happen after I put the phone down and let them talk and talk until I realize I am not there and hang up.

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