Thursday, January 14, 2010

Most Common Hiv Symptoms What Are The Most Common Early Symptoms Of HIV? Thanks?

What are the most common early symptoms of HIV? Thanks? - most common hiv symptoms

I would prefer someone with experience or someone who knows someone with his answers. Thank you.


maria d said...

The first symptoms of HIV infection can resemble the symptoms of colds or flu virus. The symptoms of early infection can have similar symptoms of other sexually transmitted diseases and other infections, such as for instance as "mono" or hepatitis, more frequently and easily. Stress and anxiety can also cause symptoms in some people, even if they have HIV.

Some people who suffer from symptoms of the employment contract HIV experience very strong, but the experience of others not at all. These symptoms are usually fever, fatigue, and often a rash. Other common symptoms include headache, swollen lymph nodes and sore throat. These symptoms may be made within days or weeks after the first exposure to the virus, while called primary or acute HIV infection.

Due to the nonspecific symptoms that are associated with primary HIV infection or acute symptoms, no reliable way to diagnose HIV infection. The HIV antibody test is the only way to know whether they are infected, but tests for HIV antibodies are present, can not functionIn the vicinity of the immune system of infected individuals antibodies against HIV. During the "window" between initial infection and the period in which detectable antibodies (which can have 2 weeks to 6 months, but usually 3 months), standard HIV testing is ineffective.

Faithful... said...

Coldsweat ... whittish coating on the tongue ... Bone pain .... Loss of appetite ...

Wulfie said...

I have, but I know that when HIV infects a person really affects hard. Overall, around a few days to a week or more after an infected person suffers from muscle pain, muscle aches, headache and fever. Like the flu, but without a nasal problem.

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