Friday, January 29, 2010

Cmv Virus Kidney Transplant Cmv Virus Affect On Kidney Transplant Patient?

Cmv virus affect on kidney transplant patient? - cmv virus kidney transplant

Reach Son of M and the virus has 1 years after kidney transplantation. Is this a sign of rejection? Any person, physician or the patient prefers a similar problem. Thanks


REnate said...

Sorry. Take medication for the rejection of the tissue decreases the body's own immune system.

This link might be useful to understand for you. ...

careyrn2... said...

I'm an RN. In addition, contracted the virus while working with an AIDS patient. It should have worked, because I am exhausted and sick with bronchitis. But you know how hospitals are death to more than 2 days away ...... So call should normally a healthy person with a strong immune system to ward off the virus. As it turned out that I was committed enough to be very bad for them and also attacked the nerve endings in the legs on the cause of pneumonia. Many people have a title for CMV remains inactive. Some may have an active case, and you never know.

I would say that your child) on anti-rejection medications (corticosteroids and is contracted CMV organ that has been slept on or before a show, he decided to raise his head, now in a weakened immune system. It is a good thing, your doctor may be found and corrected. I had a heart transplant patient after developing the same situation.
Good luck and God bless.

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