Sunday, January 3, 2010

Phonak Fm Systems Can Anyone Give Me Input On The Phonak ILink BTE Hearing Aid?

Can anyone give me input on the Phonak iLink BTE hearing aid? - phonak fm systems

We have recently discovered that my 5 year old son need hearing aids in both ears. Can be recommended, the audiologist, the Phonak iLink, as one that created the FM system used in the classroom in the school. A / Is there anyone out there with, and if so, what are your experiences?

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melloyel... said...

Maybe you want with the school before you ask them. Most schools have programs and systems can be in a position to say whether the system has a iLink with FM systems are available. Most of the BTE to be equipped with boots and an interface with the FM systems, which are available from the school. FM systems are quite expensive. The benefits of iLink is that the child is the FM system can acquire them for use in other securities (other than school) as a scout meeting or after-school art, where one can still feel in order to use an FM system to difficult situations to better understand.

I have worked with the school audiologist first and an idea of what he / she recommends. It is a great investment and make big that you know all the options before buying.

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