Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Make Music Note Friendship Bracelets Okay, So I Punched My Friend And Now I'm Trying To Make It Up?

Okay, so I punched my friend and now I'm trying to make it up? - how to make music note friendship bracelets

I beat my best friend (three years) because they left me. His parents are angry, and I think, forbidden to go further and does every time, check it. He asked the number of your mother for me to apologize to his mother, because I like your mother, and I feel bad.

In any case, before he wanted to beat my friend, my old comforter because it gave me a new one and it sucks. I was meant not so, all their repulsive, but I washed last night to give too much.

I also washed all the clothes I borrowed and put into the pile of things

A video game that I (Majora's Mask)

A cell phone charger, which was

and I have a list of four pages of good memories we shared a short list of things that I know that I wanted to do (like making rice cake)

I also have this friendship bracelet with notes on them

She does not speak with me, and I can not go home, so I sent a message to your emailLOOONNG excuse MySpace.

After all these things ((borrowed things just an excuse to give the list of memories, and a bracelet and a quilt)), and I apologize to forgive?

In addition, because the things we bought from Harry Potter, go in the new HP film


E C said...

Well, I think it is rude to get rid of ur friend, but I think U too far away with his fist in the face, especially since it is your best friend. Perhaps soon you will find that you want to go back, and who knows, may not forget, the whole thing. Give it some time.

Hope this helps:)

Black_Ro... said...

It depends on how close it from the states and if you have a history of anger problems ...
It sounds very good (except perhaps the list of good times ... maybe the transition to a single page of memory and the inside) jokes, just try to let you know that you are honest and it will not happen again .

Hi its me!! said...

It is really good, trying soooo hard to try to make peace. I really want to make their relationship are real to her boyfriend, but despite their efforts, I do not think your friend is you. Her mother is against you, then it happens.

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