Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ship Parts Birds Nest Adopting 3 Macaws From Another Country?

Adopting 3 macaws from another country? - ship parts birds nest

Who knows how the birds do not need to be healthy transported from one country to another, I think a lot of paper is not required. What are the costs? Birds seem to be in order. What is normal? Please help.


hijabigi... said...

Not sure, but the last time I heard the import of another country was extremely difficult or impossible because of bird flu. necessary to healthier because they remain in quarantine for some time, I would say that shipping would be costly and time is also a factor, because airlines are not delivered on time, are .. . ... There are many birds in our own country who need homes so I guess I do not know why the birds out of the country want to adopt anyway, unless you cheat, which is huge now. .... .. . In any case, good luck with whatever you choose not to ........

Published: Cameroon If you can put your life is a fraud!

Phoenix said...

I would not. Most imported animals do not survive the quarantine. There is also a ban on imports of poultry products from certain countries. Since I do not know where you found these macaws can not say whether it was lawful or not.
If you have not seen it, do not know what you get. If you are in the wilderness, birds, and are a disservice to themselves trapped. She'd have one hell of a long training period, if you are at all successful.
Otherwise, why should they? There are thousands and thousands of parrots that homes have here in the U.S. and England.
Check out these websites for organizations parrot adoption: ...

They are reputable organizations that accept a confirmation,PPLICATION a parrot and would like to share with you. They have educational programs to help you learn more about how you care for your birds.
Please reconsider this and think about the possibility of Home About.

Another note:
I do not know what the import restrictions in Canada, please contact the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States, and it is forbidden, poultry products, including live birds imported from Cameroon in this period. They must consult with the Department of Health Canada to find out what happened to this there. I'll see what I find.

I have this link: ...

It shows that you can import pet birds in Canada, but you have to accompany them:

Here's the quote:

BIRDS: the import, a "pet bird" means personal property and care for birds, and only applies to species, commonly known as "caged" birds such as parrots, love birds, song birds, toucans, canaries, finches, cardinal, etc. This does not apply to pigeons, species of wild and domesticated or wild fowl.

It is possible to import pet birds under the following conditions:

The birds must accompany the owner in Canada.
The birds should be considered healthy during an inspection on entry.
The owner must state that the birds in the possession of the (90 characters) were ninety days before the date of importation and not in contact with other birds during this time.
The owner must provide a declaration that bird owners, pets are personal and not imported for resale.
The owner or a family member can not be imported birds into Canada under this provision pet birds in the last 90 days.
The certification for customs clearance are required, be made by filling out the form at customs. Under the current regime, no import permit or quarantine is necessary. If these conditions are not met, it has for to receive an import permit from the Canadian Bureau for the regional food inspection in the province entered in to.

zandyand... said...

In which country you are and which countries are the birds? Who would be useful. Assuming that you are importing birds into the United States, there are a few links below will help you. One suggestion, however: not caught in the wild bird imports. Many species are threatened pet birds in their natural habitat, and promoting the uptake and trafficking of these birds to extinction.

photogir... said...

Be very careful of any monetary exchange with people in Africa. Africans are all fraudsters over the Internet, and attacked the people in birds for some time.

Getting Even a bird, U.S., Canada is a considerable time, effort and paperwork. It is so complicated, you are eligible, the battery is empty. Even poultry farmers in the United States in the import values for very rare in Europe, are often hampered by bureaucracy.

The quarantine is long and expensive. A pet bird is not good experience. Try shopping in Canada would be my advice

tweety07... said...

It is difficult for the birds from the United States from another country to be imported because of the bird flu. Be careful because there are many people out there to cheat people. They say they are willing to give your bird and brings them all free. It is a fraud. Just be careful ..

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