Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Adjust Polaris Xtra-10 Suspension How To Adjust Xtra-10 Suspension On Polaris Snowmobile?

How to adjust Xtra-10 Suspension on Polaris Snowmobile? - how to adjust polaris xtra-10 suspension

Hello, I have a 1996 Polaris Indy Trail Touring Deluxe. Several years ago I managed to blow the shock in the suspension so I installed Kimpex Gas Shock. The shock is perfect, if I had on my own, but if I was a passenger with me, the suspension seems to be declining. I recently got a friend sitting in the back seat, while I looked in the starting blocks. The end of the tunnel was only 2-3 "of soil. I need to know how the rear suspension is not permitted and has to strengthen much. The rear fenders always draw on the floor, and I fear that the suspension decreased while the shock mounts at the top will eventually pave the way. It is an issue that I do not need. Thank you.


muncher1... said...

have proven their impact and see how much gas in it

wesleyau... said...

Upgrade in the spring a heavy spring

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