Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cover Up Hyperpigmentation Makeup That Hides Hyperpigmentation And Doesn't Sweat Off?

Makeup that hides hyperpigmentation and doesn't sweat off? - cover up hyperpigmentation

I am Hispanic with a medium-brown skin. I hyperpigmented patches every grain chance I've had in the past year in my face. I can cover with make-up, but I'm also a pre-professional dancers of my foundation / coverup sweating in the area. Please help if you are a good thing to know that the make-up is also sweating.


garciaje... said...

Use a concealer and mineral foundation. I am a new user and I swear it. Do not really think a different spelling, simply use a smaller brush and apply it thicker in the white spots. It really works. (I use the Avon), go check avon.com

minus said...

Mix cream moisturizer and foundation for the occasion.

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