Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rude Wedgie Games In A Party Situation, How Could One Dislodge A Wedgie Without It Looking Obvious?

In a party situation, how could one dislodge a wedgie without it looking obvious? - rude wedgie games

The assumption here is that the room is full, you're in a conversation, and it seemed impolite to excuse a slight irritation, but the OC attracts no end.


stephen k said...

You apologize and take care of them.

BooYa said...

that's a good question. sit, and it will change your weight and your property. theyre whether a person does not excuse himself and go to the toilet. heyy remember is, each standard underwear and everyone knows it. Normally we do not notice when they should do it, they understand. Nobody would be painted to show to someone and say, haha have a wedgie? no. Cause Theyd look stupid. So, if you can not be perceived thats great. Good luck with your next party.

Axel M said...

You can not.

Also apparent, is not so glamorous, remove your underwear on the donkey.

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