Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lonely Planet Book On Iran To Turkey Which Lonely Planet Guide Book Should I Buy?

Which lonely planet guide book should i buy? - lonely planet book on iran to turkey

I have to travel to in Asia and continental Europe by land from April to August.
I will only use buses trains.
My journey begins in Incheon, a port city in Korea.
my way is appreciated.
Incheon -> Qingdao -> Shanghai -> Lhasa (Tibet) -> Nepal -> North India -> Argentina -> Iran -> Turkey -> France -> Germany -> Spain -> Portugal

according to my plan, I'll buy 10 or more Lonely Planet Travel Guide.
I think it is impossible to keep the books for the trip.
whether to buy 3 pounds, the issue of Lonely Planet books should I buy? (Korea and China, part of my trip is very short, so no need for a leader in both countries)

or is it EBGuide ook? I could not find.
if any, will be the happier, the story for me.
Thank you.

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