Monday, February 1, 2010

Is Bordetella Vaccine Dangerous What Are The Complications Of The Bordetella Vaccine?

What are the complications of the bordetella vaccine? - is bordetella vaccine dangerous

We have increased the vaccine and my brother, the dogs and give all your shots to your dog, our dog was given his vaccine. Since then, the dog looked as if he felt unwell. I can not ask my brother and how it is not my first dog, I could sit the dog. It is not run and play, and I think it should be the vaccine.


Sasha said...

There are very few complications from vaccines, but if you can be an animal, a vaccine that may already be a little patience, the vaccines they make you feel sick. A vaccine that works by is small pieces of virus or bacteria in the body and allows the body to form an immune response, it must be done real time to identify the body and fight, because sick as a dog without the vaccine. The dog may feel a little sick of this vaccine. If it takes a few days and not feel better, you should take him to the vet to see what had happened. Save all information from the bottle if you have and give to the vet if you need to go.

Karen W said...

If this were a modified live vaccine, it is possible that you suspect a reaction, because in reality the task, the animal is a case of Benin (other) and then the dog developed antibodies against it. Weakens the virus, but much depends on the overall health and the immune system of dogs.
You must be a saline solution with a dry powder mix and refrigerate until it is given? If this is the vaccine.
I found this:
"What are the reactions to the vaccine?
It is true that some animals have a systemic reaction, including a mild fever or muscle aches and pains. This reaction is more common in young dogs and the breed of toys and brings them to eat less and sleep more than 24-48 hours. In rare cases, dogs have a more severe reaction, hives, swelling of the face, or even vomiting. This reaction is easily prevented by antihistamine at the time of subsequent vaccinations. Leptospirosis, the most violent reactions can be excluded from certain vaccines provoke too. If your dog was a reaction to the vaccine in the past, Not skip future vaccinations but warned that the vet you, this action may take place at a repeat. "

Fetch 11 Humane Society said...

Sometimes dogs feel a little sick after receiving a vaccine, and it is not unusual.

But when holding the lethargy for more than a day or your dog shows no signs of fever, take him to the vet immediately.

Sometimes vaccines may be contaminated, or the person administering the vaccine is not "introduce sterile" and accidentally bacteria in the system of dog, if the vaccine is administered.

PJA said...

Hello Nana,
Sounds like a reaction to the vaccine. Sometimes you can get hives and their little faces can swell. Please eat and drink normally, you can call the emergency animal hospital and we saw small. If you have a rectal thermometer, take your body temperature. If the above should definitely take him in. 102.f
Best wishes

blondbab... said...

Vaccines sometimes lead to a small dog, I would be worried if you vomit or not eat too much ... Remember that vaccines protect dogs get fatally illlness ...

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