Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Antenna Web For Canada Antenna, Can I Watch Diifferent Show From Other TV Watchers In House?

Antenna, can I watch diifferent show from other TV watchers in house? - antenna web for canada

I do not get bought
SDW1850/17 Philips Programmable Antenna Rotator with Remote Control. Do I need one of these antennas and separately for Mulitple TVS.
Each household television need different channels simultaneously on two different televisions believes are used?
Yes, I have been on the website of the antenna. I have tried to confirm that you will receive 8 channels with no more than an aluminum pole.


Jay Moore said...

Here's the magic, such as an antenna. You stick them on the roof ... all RF transmissions from the towers floating in the air, press the antenna and the signal on the cable to the TV.

Unlike satellite, you have to do .. Everything you have just done especially to your TV antenna is to leave as much online as you want. All input signals are already there (is similar to a cable line at home split).

Antenna Rotor Control can be only one ... and this is probably the main TV. It has nothing to do with the work if the antenna signal is rotated to adjust the signal.

You can, in theory, cut a signal from the antenna of the TV you at a poinIs divided so that it causes nothing (the distribution of the signal signal loss). Each television channel run indpendantly. His only problem is that if someone a TV, a channel that does not come when you watch TV, the antenna on the move. Let me see if I can be a little easier.

They have an antenna with a rotor on the roof and say ... 6 TV. Now you can signal and hook separators 6N use and everyone can see another channel to ... After all, this is done is the seizure of all the waves and send them via a coaxial line. My problem arises in the present. Let's say channel 1, 8 and come 9, he turned to the other and the channel 4 for example, be activated Antoher direction. Well, if anyone watch Channel 4 and someone wants the number 8, which is the only issue to be seen. The antenna can not grasp that in a sense .. and rotor uses a single controller.

and not for the sake of simplicity, no, not necessarily something special to your TV for the different channels, it suffices to split all TV ... is that the fight is likely to be the position of the antenna problem.

A Well Lit Garden said...

Yes, you can have multiple television sets are connected to the antenna and everyone can see a separate channel, unless it is necessary to make the antenna in different directions for each channel.

All that is needed is a simple coaxial cable splitter. A splitter divides the signal from the antenna to a number of coaxial cables that everyone is running the TV. The distribution of the antenna signal reduces the signal strength. If it interferes in your ability to receive TV signals, then you can add an RF amplifier before the splitter or buy a reinforced splitter.

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