Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Drivers License Template Torrent Ontario Novelty ID?

Ontario Novelty ID? - new drivers license template torrent

I am looking for a new ID. I try to up a Ontario, I went to Yonge Street and still have a place to find a driver's license in Ontario model. They always refer to the approval of Alberta, but I miss not the need for a staff member if the wrong driver in Ontario for a reason.

Anyone with one of them?


JavaJoe said...

You will not find one, because it is illegal to sell. You can see something that looks different than from what to sell it, but not legally sell something that looks like the original. To achieve this you need to talk to people involved in organized crime or to see when someone is ready in the Department of Transportation to sell for a lot of money. The chances of this happening are slim that one, or at the end costing more than $ 500.

My suggestion is that you to rethink their list or find another way to buy alcohol while you are underage.

gill_boo said...

The first statement is false, the Ontario government recently changed the look and the driver no longer look like this.

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