Friday, December 11, 2009

Diagram Of Sailboat Looking For Owners Manual For A '73 O'Day Sailboat. Any Suggestions For A Proven Web-site?

Looking for owners manual for a '73 O'Day sailboat. Any suggestions for a proven web-site? - diagram of sailboat

Charts rig is my main point of interest.


Sailor Kev said...

Ask They have their own specific pages, and I think they are a part of the M-Day. By the way, is free to join.

billcano... said...

"I've heard today is what I thought the site says, it is" is "I Heart Oday" and is broad enough to cover the material and technical property of O'Day sailboats.

The site owner has collected instructions and you sell one another for the 21 different models in stock.

Another location is the owner O'Day - This site is a search list of owners of O'Day. I saw O'Day 23 owner in the CT and found that it was recorded 21st You can use a local landowner about this website contact - to be in a position that could help with their equipment ...

boatman said...

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