Friday, December 18, 2009

Bleeding Ulcers More Condition_symptoms Bleeding Ulcers Or More Serious?

Bleeding ulcers or more serious? - bleeding ulcers more condition_symptoms

Ok, so my father and his father and a couple of generations before an illness in the fam. that, as familiopoliposis? colonic polyps or something idk ... and if I, or ulcers that ?!?!? ok I know, gross, but my blood when I sometimes go to the toilet ... and idk ... Ive bcuz its pressure, which in recent times ... with school and friends and stuff ... But idk yet. .. My stomach hurts a lot and my parents would want to test Idont cuz i dont tell, or surgrey ... but it makes me a little ... plz help bcuz I do not know what it is?

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wishnuwe... said...

Tell your parents in any way. Could 100 different things, and does not mean surgery. It could be that could help ulcers or problems with the ovaries or 100 different things and maybe the pill. If you know you can only get worse. Be brave and tell your parents. I pray for you.

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