Saturday, December 12, 2009

Create Salon Blueprints Can A Salon Create This Look?

Can a salon create this look? - create salon blueprints

so only after a question. Many respondents asked how you arrive, dass I wonder whether you can create a room for me this one. This style of hair.¤t=ninashair.jpg
Do you think that can create beauty, what they like a perm or something else like?


kristen said...

Everything depends on your natural hair texture. Super soft curls like these are put on hot tools. It would send a strong permanent curls or waves (also with large bar) is not the style of your ride.

If your hair is naturally very straight, and then only the cup. It's easy to loose curls on a day to day, your stylist will show you how.

Edit: Reply to noon you can try a number of things - whether face to smooth the hair every day, and then lose with a big barrel curling irons or hair, or make your hair chemically relaxed or chemically (directed them to two different things) and just worry about that loops for free all day.

Chemical relaxation is frequently used in the hair of ebony, but it works well for all types of curly and frizzy hair. The loop will become just as easily without corrugations (straight!)
Can be Harmful, but not so bad if you go right to the toilet.

Chemical straightening (also calledSmoothing of the Japanese method) is a treatment that uses iron-as a tool to permanently straighten the hair. This can be very harmful, but I know that there is a line that uses no formaldehyde - Pratima. To see to lounges around local call, who offers this service. It is more expensive than relaxing, but there is no need to just every day. You can also use the structure of the hair permanently with this service are slightly bent at the ends - but make sure you go to a hairdresser who knows his craft.

Red ♣ Santa's my Betch. said...

Not with a perm. This entry is very short loops. With a curling iron. Si, you can do what hairstyle you want.

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