Saturday, December 5, 2009

Haemaroids Haemaroids While Pregnant ?

Haemaroids while pregnant ? - haemaroids

I am 9 weeks pregnant and my 3 Fear haemarroids preserved. I suffered greatly with my first two pregnancies (thrombosed piles get - the home coagulation).
What can I do to avoid this time, or I just finished with them?


Lucy S said...

more for their thanlikely again I have in my first pregnancy and in and out of them here, and the other two pregnancies, you tallk your doctor or midwife about your concerns to see if they suggest something to help May?
Good luck!

S. W said...

Much to drink, eat lots of fiber and take a stool softener - has been prescribed by your doctor. Do not strain when a BM.

All this will help, but not fully secured to prevent them. You can tend to them anyway, and the burden of pregnancy is getting worse.

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