Monday, December 7, 2009

Elevation Of Hemoglobin Cortisone And Blood Glucose Level Elevation?

Cortisone and blood glucose level elevation? - elevation of hemoglobin

My father is diabetic, but took cortisone intravenously (4000 mg over 5 days) and 20 tablets cortancyl 20 mg for 15 days. Discontinued after your blood sugar level is between 120-135. The glycosylated hemoglobin level is normal (5.3). Is there a relationship between elevated cortisol and glucose? Did you repeat the test? When?


essentia... said...

all steroids will raise blood sugar levels, it means that your normal glycated hemoglobin, which is not diabetes and normalize blood sugar levels as soon as it was without steroids for 8 weeks.

dingding... said...

Cortisone and steroids in connection with the disturbances of glucose, even in non-diabetics. You bring your body to "fight" to keep the endorphins and other hormones to get that BG music. Do not worry, while on cortisone. A few weeks after quitting, your BG back to normal.

German Shepard said...

Steroids increase blood glucose levels and long-term use and can cause diabetes. It needs to be tested again in 4-6 weeks after completion of steroids and if their numbers in well 6 months later.

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